Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the country. UBC has a complete gift and loyalty card program that can accommodate any merchant. These cards are superior to paper certificates in both functionality and customer preference.

Electronic gift and loyalty cards were once exclusive to large chains and department stores but now UBC can enable businesses of all sizes to offer them.

Free Program

UBC offers a free 25 gift card starter package to all new merchants. To enroll in the program, you simply need to swipe the activation card that is included in your welcome kit through your POS terminal. You will then be sent a 25 free starter gift card package for immediate use.

Multiple Card Ordering Options

UBC offers a variety of gift card options to suit your specific needs. You can choose from a broad selection of pre-designed card templates or produce your own cards with custom artwork and images. UBC's diverse gift and loyalty card packages range from 1-color pre-designed cards, 1-color custom cards or 4-color cards personalized with your custom graphics. Each package includes gift or loyalty cards, card sleeves and envelopes, a tabletop display with insert and window decals.

And, Yes...It's 100% FREE!

Sign up for our credit card processing service and UBC will provide you with a 30 day trial, free of charge!

Your gift cards will arrive preprogrammed from UBC Services in as little as 48 hours and will simply need to be plugged in to a power outlet and phone port to be ready for use. The terminal will automatically connect to UBC Services's network and you can begin accepting transactions immediately!

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