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We stand behind our service and products and to that end, we encourage all users, be they prospective or existing customers, to ask us directly if they have any questions about our service.

Unlike many financial services and payment processing companies, we're here for our customers and much prefer our members to be fully informed than not.

If you have a question or would just like more information before you join UBC, contact us using the information below.

Mailing Address
168 Witherspoon Blvd., Suite 360
Princeton, NJ 08540

Voice Authorization Center:
Please contact when your terminal says "Call Center" or when initiating a "Code 10" verification on suspicious transactions

Credit Card Companies
Visa/MasterCard: 800-944-1111 -
American Express: 800-528-2121
Discover Card: 800-347-1111
Have your merchant numbers ready.

Lowest Rate Guarantee

If you are offered a lower rate from any authorized merchant services provider, call or email us. We'll match any verifiable offered rate.

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