Ingenico Check Reader

Reduce the chance of receiving bad checks with UBC's free check reader

Receiving checks as payment is always a risky proposition in any business, but it doesn't have to be that way. For a limited time only, any new UBC merchant account holder will receive (among other things) the easy-to-use Ingenico eN Check 2500 Check Reader - for FREE.

The eN Check 2500 is the finest quality check reader on the market.

The eN Check 2500 is the most widely used check reader in the world today and its compact size and installation features allow it to be placed virtually anywhere with minimal installation concerns.

If you're concerned about improving customer service and reducing fraud, this is the check reader for you!UBC's Check Guarantee Program adds even more security

Ingenico's eN Check 2500 is compatible with UBC's Check Guarantee Program, which enables you to receive your funds quicker, eliminating the need to fill out daily deposit slips for the bank.

If you've stopped short of accepting checks as payment in the past due to security and paperwork concerns, the eN Check 2500 Check Reader combined with the UBC Check Guarantee Program will change everything for you.

Benefits At a Glance
Rapidly increased processing speed - make sales quickly
Easy to use - minimal training required
Ergonomic design - fits anywhere
Quiet processing - you won't even know it's there
Highest read accuracy on the market for added security
Multifunctional - an all-in-one check confirmation terminal

And, Yes...It's 100% FREE!

Sign up for our credit card processing service and UBC will provide you with a brand new Ingenico state-of-the-art Check reader, free of charge!

Your Verifone Ingenico check reader will arrive preprogrammed from UBC Services in as little as 48 hours and will simply need to be plugged in to a power outlet and phone port to be ready for use. The terminal will automatically connect to UBC Services's network and you can begin accepting transactions immediately!

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