ViVoPay 3000 - Contactless Payment Processing

Contactless payment systems are an exciting new technology, which will enable your consumers to complete transactions by waving their payment cards in front of a contactless reader. The ViVOpay 3000 is one of the most advanced contactless readers available and is designed to provide you with easy, convenient and safe transactions.

The ViVOpay 3000 is easy to install and enables contactless payments without hardware or software changes to your current equipment. The device features plug-and-play hardware, allowing you to use it as soon as it is plugged into your existing POS terminal.

The First Interoperable Contactless Reader

The ViVOpay 3000 is compatible with all of the primary contactless brands, giving your customers a variety of payment options. The ViVOpay 3000 is capable of accepting MasterCard Paypass™, Expresspay™ from American Express®, Discover® Card contactless and Visa® payWave™ payment programs in addition to private label contactless gift and loyalty cards.

Add the Essentials Contactless Solution to Your Business

The ViVOpay 3000 is designed to fit any sales counter and can be placed conveniently for checkout without having to move your POS terminal. Additionally, your customers will appreciate the convenience and security of not having to display a card for payment.

Ideal for Businesses That Rely on Spead and Convenience

Quick service restaurants
Transit services
Gas stations
Hospitality areas
Ticket booths
Parking facilities

And, Yes...It's 100% FREE!

Sign up for our credit card processing service and UBC will provide you with a brand new Vivo Pay 300, free of charge! As an added incentive, we will also provide you with a free eN Check 2500 check reader and Contactless Payment Terminal. That's incredible value, at no cost to you!

Your Vivo Pay 3000 terminal will arrive preprogrammed from UBC Services in as little as 48 hours and will simply need to be plugged in to a power outlet and phone port to be ready for use. The terminal will automatically connect to UBC Services's network and you can begin accepting transactions immediately!

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