Verifone Vx 510 - FREE

Verifone Vx510

Accept All Major Forms of Payment with This All-in-One Processing Solution

To help you make the transition from new customer to fully operational credit card payment processor, UBC is proud to offer all new merchants who open an account with UBC, this state-of-the-art credit card processing terminal - FREE OF CHARGE.

The Vx 510 supports Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and is smart-card ready. It is fully equipped to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, gift cards, debit cards and a host of other payment options.

The Vx 510's backlit display, easy-to-read menu prompts and intuitive, ATM-style interface reduce the chance of entry errors.

In addition, its integrated high-speed thermal printer and internal PIN pad keep countertops clutter-free.

The Vx 510 includes Ethernet and 12 MB of memory. The Vx 510LE is just what U.S. merchants want, and everything they need!

This hard-working, reliable payment device efficiently processes debit and credit transactions. Plus, as a part of Vx Solutions, it is an extension of what you already know. Its ATM-style interface is instantly intuitive, requiring virtually no training. The lightweight, ergonomic device with integrated thermal printer and a built-in PIN pad can be easily handed to customers for PIN entry.

The Vx 510 is a PCI PED and EMV approved entry-point, countertop solution that offers big things in a small package. It provides extraordinary performance in a sleek, compact design.

The PCI PED approved Vx 510 offers superior performance for payment and value-added applications—and dramatically reduces transaction time to just a few seconds. Part of VeriFone's Vx Solutions portfolio, it leverages existing SoftPay and Verix applications to allow merchants to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Benefits At a Glance
The latest, most reliable advances in security to give small businesses invaluable peace of mind
Optional GPRS broadband connectivity for lightning-fast transactions
Efficient processing and high-speed thermal printer keep checkout lines on the move
Multi-tasking memory supports bank cards and value-added applications like loyalty or gift cards
ATM-style interface, large backlit display, ergonomic keys and bold prompts reduce errors

And, Yes...It's 100% FREE!

Sign up for our credit card processing service and UBC will provide you with a brand new Verifone Vx 510 state-of-the-art terminal, free of charge! As an added incentive, we will also provide you with a free eN Check 2500 check reader and Contactless Payment Terminal. That's incredible value, at no cost to you!

Your Verifone Vx 510 terminal will arrive preprogrammed from UBC Services in as little as 48 hours and will simply need to be plugged in to a power outlet and phone port to be ready for use. The terminal will automatically connect to UBC Services's network and you can begin accepting transactions immediately!

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