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The internet and smartphones have transformed every aspect of business and today even small businesses want their presence felt online. It has become mandatory that all businesses, big or small, have an e-commerce website. Besides just designing a user-friendly website online business also need the assistance of internet marketing services and SEO services. These services not only optimize brand awareness but also increase the reach of the product and also improve the chances of conversion – all necessary factors for the growth of enterprises, big or small. It is no wonder, therefore, that companies that offer these services are on the rise.

The other reasons for this industry to flourish are:

  • Keyword search is still the base for all browsing online

  • It is cost effective when compared to social media marketing

  • With new technologies in place and dependence on mobile devices the SEO industry is constantly evolving

  • Finally, the frequently changing SEO requirements keep web designing and the related fields dynamic and in constant need.

An online Internet marketing service

Thus, we see that the demand for these web-based services will not diminish in the near future and it is only natural for companies to create a base online, become an online merchant. While it is exciting to embark on a new role, an online merchant must understand the difference in the payment methods when compared to a brick and mortar store.

Unlike the traditional physical payments of swiping cards on a terminal or paying via cash or check, online customers make payment in various ways like electronic checks, PayPal, gift cards etc. To be successful you must be able to provide them with all the options which mean that you must be able to do credit card processing and ACH processing. Merchant account providers normally help set up the gateways and the virtual terminals. But there is a hitch, this industry is considered risky.

Why are web design, SEO services merchant accounts risky?

If you are a web designer then you must have encountered your share of denials. Despite a promising future many merchant account providers shy away from web design services as it falls in the high-risk category. All payments that take place online happen through a virtual terminal, these are a card, not present transactions that require no signature and no verification of the owner of the card, very different from the physical terminals in storefronts where a card is authenticated with a signature. This kind of transaction increases the risk of frauds.

Another reason this industry is considered risky is high chargebacks. Dissatisfied customers can file for chargebacks and the merchant will have to dig into precious resources to pay back the client. Sometimes chargebacks can spell the death knell for a business.

And finally, with the world now a being a global village, businesses transact with clients in other countries and in different currencies; some even deal with startups and new businesses with no known history. With so many uncertainties associated with these services, traditional merchant account providers deny teaming up with these companies.

Avoid being denied/ shutoff or closed by credit card processors

It is natural for banks and other merchant account providers to reject you and that is also the reason that PayPal, Square, etc. do not set up merchant accounts for this industry. But it is foolhardy to let a good business opportunity pass you by for there are others like us who know the industry well and do not hesitate to open an account. Moreover, several popular service providers like AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover are still keen on setting up payment gateways for this industry.

Startup or New business Ok

High-risk merchant accounts do not pay too much attention to your credit scores or whether you are a startup web design firm. Traditional merchant account providers compare high risk vs low risk and their rates vary by startup vs history, but high-risk merchant account providers take all the accompanying challenges like recurring billing and chargebacks into account. Thus, they are friendly to start-ups and new enterprises, unlike most credit card processors.

Domestic and offshore options available

It is common sense that domestic accounts have lower rates but better security when compared to offshore accounts which are beyond the reach of the local government even though the rates are better and the rules more relaxed. It is easier to set up accounts for multiple currencies in an offshore account. But having said that some high-risk accounts necessarily must be offshore. Before you decide which account is better for you, do make note of the fact that the processing time may be longer for an offshore account and the terms and conditions may also be different.

What are our services

For a volatile industry like the web designing, SEO service providers and internet marketing and advertising firms acquiring merchant accounts are not easy. Only a few high-risk merchant account providers like us can provide an economical solution for your business needs. Our online application process is very straightforward and simple; you can start off almost immediately. You do not have to worry about additional charges as there are no setup fees and no application fees involved. Our approval rates are the most competitive in the industry. We offer gateway setup assistance. And that’s not all, we have the support of multiple underwriting banks to cover even unexpected chargebacks. Finally, our user-friendly mobile apps will keep you in touch with our customer care at all times.

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